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What’s On the Design Wall: Sasquatch Quilt Top Completed

A quick update on my previous post Whatโ€™s On the Design Wall: My Own Sasquatch Sighting, I’ve finished the quilt top:

And now I am going to piece the back of the quilt. Nothing too fancy but I do want to include the tree I made from the leftover piecings from my friend Kathy’s quilt to honor where I got all the material from to make the quilt:

Then I need to find a local long-arm quilter to quilt it. Now that the pandemic is sort of subsiding I need to start connecting with my local quilting community.

I am going to pause working on this quilt for a bit as I have two things I really need to work on: 1) a sort of emotional piece that I need to make for two important people (more on a future post); and 2) an art quilt for a WCQN show I’ve been invited to participate in. The second one is time sensitive so I really need to get it started. Unfortunately I will not be able to share the quilt images until the show opens next year.

Oh but speaking of art quilts, one of my remaining recycled silk art quilts has been accepted into an upcoming show at a local gallery. I’ll post more about that in the future.

Tomorrow another out of town guest arrives, this time for a week’s visit. It is funny we went nearly a year during the pandemic with few visitors (just a set of out of town guests in October 2020) to what seems like a constant stream of (and vaccinated) visitors! (My sister comes to visit in June next).

I will close this post with an inspirational sign I recently picked up while thrifting at a local charity shop. I’ve put it on my bedroom wall so I can see it each morning when I wake up and be inspired!

30 thoughts on “What’s On the Design Wall: Sasquatch Quilt Top Completed”

  1. I still love the sasquatch quilt. BTW, my husband absolutely hates seeing “inspiring” posters or writing on walls–who knows why? Reminds me of my Mother, who hated to have people say “Have a nice day!” Are we a grumpy family, or what! So I won’t be having any finds like yours. Or maybe I’ll put one up that says “Whatever”.

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  2. Middle daughter and son-in-law had Yeti lovers on the top of their cupcake wedding ‘cake’ so there’s a feeling of family when I saw your finished top! HA!
    Have fun returning to ‘normal’ in all the scheduling of quilting, family, friends, visits and…

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  3. Lovely trees and quilt top, Tierney. I like the details and patterns that go into each little pine tree. Congrats on the art show, too! And I hope you enjoy fun times with your upcoming guests now that things are starting to take a positive turn. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m really looking forward to seeing friends and family as well. It has been too long!

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  4. Oh this quilt made me smile ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t wait to see more, sounds like a lot of things in the works for you (and visitors too), congrats on your acceptance into the gallery show too!

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