A Year of Finishes - 2023

A Year of Finishes: Audit of Existing Projects, Part III

I thought a sleeping dog was the perfect feature photo for this post because if you aren’t asleep yet, I am going to help you drift off to a deep slumber with this 3rd (and final, whew) installment of my audit of my open sewing projects.

If you are just joining us, here are the previous two posts in case you need a little visual sedation before you fully fall asleep:

A Year of Finishes: Audit of Existing Projects, Part I

A Year of Finishes: Audit of Existing Projects, Part II 

As I shared in the previous posts, I discovered 24 open projects. So far during my audit I found 2 projects that I can let go of and donate, so that brought me down to 22 open projects. But then yesterday I discovered on more project I forgot about – the Nova Star Quilt I want to make from ArtGallery Fabrics fabric:

John was in my studio with me when I discovered it and he tried to help me out and hide it from me…

But I quickly figured out where it was – ha! In the photo above it does like like Mike the Miniature Schnauzer is hanging his head in disgust that one more project was found!

So now I am back up to 23 but we’ll see what the final total is at the end of this post as I share the remaining open projects.

So do you have your pajamas (or pyjamas) on, your pillow and a cozy (cosy) blanket?

Photo by Rigged Photography on Pexels.com

Okay well good, I can continue the sharing audit now…



In 2021 I finished Elizabeth Hartman’s Legendary quilt which features a Sasquatch/Yeti stalking around the woods – see post A “Legendary” Christmas Gift and “Quilt Photo-bombing”. I have a lot of flannel fabric left over but did not want to make an entire second quilt. Instead I am going to make some coordinating pillows (and definitely one with just a Sasquatch on it) to go with the quilt which in on the sectional sofa in the basement:

AUDIT DECISION: Keep. When I make it, I make it.


This bag contains a collection of already pieced blocks (such as pinwheels and 1/2 square triangle blocks) as well as fat quarters and some yardage to make an improv medallion quilt, sort of like the one’s the late Gwen Marston made:

AUDIT DECISION: Hmm…if I’ve not pulled it out to work on by the end of 2023, consider just letting it go. I’ve had this collection of blocks and fabrics for at least 6 years waiting to become a quilt.


I wrote about this project given to me by the friend who designed the quilt (whose pattern was published in a quilting publication) in the post Quilter Distractions: Good Mail filled with “Taupe”.

AUDIT DECISION: Keep as I love the fabrics and the quilt design. Might not be a 2023 project but would like to make in future.


I found this awesome Stonehenge panel at a local quilt shop a couple years ago and I already had the coordinating fabric in my stash.

AUDIT DECISION: Keep. Might not be a 2023 project but would like to make in future.


I came across this panel and coordinating fabric at my first visit to a quilt shop in Fort Collins, Colorado in February 2021. Here is my blog post about that visit – The Fig Leaf Quilt Shop, Fort Collins CO.

They had this quilt on display and I and I really wanted to make it:

So I bought the pattern that it was based on as well as the winter owl panel and the coordinating fabrics.

AUDIT DECISION: Keep. Might not be a 2023 project but would like to make in future.


I got a stash of amazing dragon themed fabrics for basically free from a quilt shop’s clearance bin a couple years ago. They will make great bags for people who like dragons and Game of Thrones themed crafts.

AUDIT DECISION: Keep. Might not be a 2023 project but would like to make in future.


AUDIT DECISION: This is the next project I will finish once I finish the drawstring/project bags I am currently working on. It is going to be a gift so someone important in my life that is a long time coming.


I’ve been blogging about this quilt for quite a while, most recently in this post – The Horizontal Diaries, January 30, 2023.

AUDIT DECISION: I am going to finish this quilt! Not sure when but eventually!


In February 2021 in the post Mind Blowing Mail I shared the Nova Star quilt a friend made me:

In addition to the quilt my friend gave me ArtGallery Fabrics scraps from making the quilt. I put those scraps with the existing ArtGallery Fabrics and I have enough to make this quilt myself.

AUDIT DECISION: Keep. Might not be a 2023 project but would like to make in future.


Out of 25 projects, 2 were donated and 23 were kept!


So now my plan on how to tackle the projects I think I can complete in 2023 that I’ve discussed in this post and the two previous posts. To start I am going to aim for 9 projects and go from there.

Here is the order that I am planning to tackle 9 projects of 23 open projects, and then I will re-evaluate after I finish these 9:

  1. Drawstring/Project Bags (currently working on)
  2. Batik Table Runner
  3. Three Blind Mice Pincushions
  4. Unfinished Table Runners
  5. The Coasters (test one as potholder)
  6. Basket of Fabric for Bags (making some bags with them)
  7. English Paper Piecing Rosette Quilt (as an ongoing hand sewing project)
  8. Colorful Quarter Circle Quilt
  9. Legendary Pillows

I will definitely say “No, Thank You” if anyone offers me their unfinished projects in the future!

36 thoughts on “A Year of Finishes: Audit of Existing Projects, Part III”

  1. Love the Legendary pillows and quilt. I thought for a second I might like to make those, then made my own audit decision to not take up a new hobby! 😂 I bet it feels good to have your projects organized!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the idea of auditing. Tucked into various bags lurk my partially finished knitting projects. I have guilt every time I see another bag or I want to start a new project for myself. I like your idea of an audit and planning what I can do in a year or later or never. It makes no sense to beat myself up over a craft that brings me joy. Now I’m reframing my stash of UFOs as gifts yet to be. Thanks for the blog post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. all creatives “hoard things” – because you never know when you might need it!

    there is no mention of art quilts – or are they something that you plan and execute – there and then ….

    Liked by 1 person

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