If you ask me: “Tierney what is your favorite color?” I would likely reply “Purple“.

There is very little purple in my recent art of utility quilts. There is very little Purple in my house. However, there is a lot of ORANGE.

I would never say that Orange is my favorite color but if you look at the background on my blog (which is a photo of a quilt I made based on an old tile floor); if you look at the quilts I have made over the past 5 – 6 years (art and utility quilts); and if you look in my fabric stash,  you would think I was beholden to the color Orange.

Check out a photo of my living room area – notice a lot of “shades of orange” in the quilts on the wall?


I am not sure when my apparent and subconscious love of the color Orange began and I am not sure when it will end.

There was an article in the 2015 premiere issue of Room to Create magazine on “Color & Creativity” (page 8). In this article the publication discusses how color impacts mood. Here is an excerpt of what the article said on the color Orange:


Looking for excitement, energy and enthusiasm? Orange may be your soulmate.

I guess Orange is my “color soulmate”!

Do you have any color that keeps surprisingly appearing in your work?


I just realized that I had the quilt below on the wall of my living room for a number of years. I will be showing/selling it in this year’s Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. The ORANGE is really strong and prevalent in this quilt!

Splendid Splendor – pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan, quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe. The pattern is called “Slideshow”.