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What’s on the Design Wall: Making Progress

This post is an update on the post What’s on the Design Wall: “We Will Not Be Discarded!”.

I have been working on assembling the blocks designed from discards, from another quilter’s block piecing, and a solid coppery-rust fabric, into a piece called “We Will Not Be Discarded”.

I am playing with the block arrangements and looking at two different arrangement options for the 15 blocks in progress:

OPTION #1 – All blocks pointing the same way:


OPTION #2 – Blocks pointing opposite ways:


I am leaning towards Option #2 as it makes the piece appear to have more “movement”. Once I finish all 15 blocks, I will play again with the final arrangement.

We Still Will Not Be Discarded!

I am playing with the idea of making a second piece (“We Still Will Not Be Discarded!”) from the discards/trimming of the original discards! (And the scraps from the solid fabric they are set in)

That would be taking recycling to the extreme, right? The challenge does seems interesting…

Trimmed discards from the “trimmed discards” in my little trash basket – tempting!


7 thoughts on “What’s on the Design Wall: Making Progress”

  1. The “second piece” of smaller bits with some background strips (irregular shapes) is even more interesting to me than the beautiful triangles. And I love your two journal idea for organizing your thoughts and inspiration. I’m participating in an Artist Altered Book Project–sort of a round robin where we send and receive created pages for our book, having first selected a theme and size for the others to know what to make for us. We make our own cover and will add the pages we receive from the group of eight participants. I’ve never done this but am excited about the possibilities.

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  2. What caught my eye was the “border” until I realized it was just triangles waiting to be made into blocks. But, think about such a border. If you do up/down, does it have to be so regular?

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    1. My challenge is that I only have a little bit of the setting fabric left and not enough to do any cool border. But that is a great idea 🙂 BUT I might use the discards I was going to make into a small quilt into some interesting border for this piece…


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