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I realized it’s time for “Tierney” to return to “creating”…

This blog is not called:

  • tierneywritesaudiobookreviews;
  • tierneyshowsterrythequiltinghusband’sprogress;
  • tierneysharesherrandomthoughts; or
  • tierneyobsessesaboutsunflowers

The blog is called tierneycreates, so Tierney better get to creating! (I like the imaginary sense of accountability blogging gives me – like you all will be very disappointed if my blog does not live up to its name!)

So last evening, I returned to “creating” and pulled out the “art pillow experimentations” tops I started last year and discussed in the 12/24/15 post   What’s On the Design Wall: Playing with Solids.


I was excited to pull these items out of the “set aside to work on later” basket (set aside for 7+ months so far!) and turn them into pillows.

So far, I started with this one:


And turned it into this little pillow which I have named Textured Desert Canyon:


I was excited to use my new “tierneycreates – smiles & textiles” tags (see post Embracing Orange) for the first time on this pillow (can you see the little tag in the photo?). I had to experiment to figure out exactly how to make the tag work but I think I like the outcome.

I experimented with quilting with a solid color thread and then a variegated thread to try and give a lot of depth to the quilting.

What surprised me was the dense quilting gave the hand dyed solid scraps pieced into this pillow a suede like texture and appearance. I am eager to experiment more with dense quilting.

Now onto to working on the next four (4) pillows!


I follow many wonderful blogs and recently one of the blogs I follow, Catbird Quilt Studio has begun an interesting series on The Future of Quilting.

Here are links below to the two enjoyable posts in this series so far:

The Future of Quilting, Part 1

The Future of Quilting, Part 2

Melanie, the talented blogger, invites engaging discussion in these posts! Enjoy!

27 thoughts on “Creating…”

  1. Thank you — you are too kind!

    And hey, what great little pillows! How large are they? I love how textured they look. And you know me, I love lots of contrast, so the strong color contrast really appeals. (And in contrast to that [heh heh] I am currently finishing a top that has a lot lower contrast than I usually play with. But dang I’m having fun! I think this is PLAY!, my word of the year!)

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  2. Very very nice…We really are kindred spirits! This is so much like what I’d love to create but I haven’t done anything that small maybe sampler blocks from beginner’s class which I never really completed though 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Michele – yes I plan to list them on my tierneycreates shop. I figure I will wait until I get them all done and then I have to figure out reasonable pricing😀


  3. I like all of your stories, whether they be about sewing or not. Variety adds interest. I also really like how the pillow turned out. The fabrics, the colors, the thread color as well as the style of quilting all work so well together.

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  4. Hi my friend…oh, I really like your pillow project. Interesting how the treads give the fabric that dimension. I have been longing for some quilting time. Too much going on in my life. lately. Hugs to you always.

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