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What’s on the Design Wall

I am feeling pleased as there is something on the design wall to talk about.

In my 09/23/2016 post, The Library Stack (and a little EPP), I mentioned that I was feeling a little stuck and had not done any creating lately (“tierneycreates” without the “creates” part…).

Well Monday I was feeling inspired and continued working on the piece I first shared in my post Make Do Quilt Challenge. Continuing my ongoing series: What’s on the Design Wall, I present where I am at on my piece, tentatively titled: Making-Do:


It’s not the best photo as I took it with low light. It is also still very much “in progress”.

I was feeling frustrated it at one point, not knowing where it was going. Then I remembered something one of my mentors, Jean Wells Keenan, said during one of her classes (paraphrased): – Even though you may not be happy with an art quilt and want to give up, you have to keep on pushing through and see where it takes you.

This is very true. The collaborative piece, Abandoned Water Structure, that was recently purchased by the City of Seattle (see post Seattle Public Utilities’ Portable Works Collection) was an art quilt that I actually gave up on and tossed aside. I later picked it back up and kept working on it starting with a late night marathon design and piecing session.

So I am hoping Making-Do turns out to be something interesting!  Next time I share an update, I might even take a better photo…


Monday I went for another hike up Pilot Butte (see my Category “Pilot Butte Adventures” for previous posts on my adventures) and I started laughing as soon as I arrived at the start. They had this sign posted:

2016-09-26_194528620_49687_iOS   (2016-09-28T05_07_02.777).jpg

If you remember my post Monday, Again, my current time up Pilot Butte is not as good as the time for the record in the ages 95 & up category! So no I am not entering this year’s challenge…perhaps next year…

While walking up Pilot Butte, I took this panoramic photo of Bend Oregon and the surrounding area. If you are ever in Central Oregon, driving or hiking to the top of Pilot Butte for the 360 degree view of Central Oregon is a must!


I hope you do not mind that I frequently link to previous posts. I consider my blog an ongoing conversation. 

16 thoughts on “What’s on the Design Wall”

  1. Great comment of Jean Wells! I gotta remember it.
    I think linking back is a good thing. For me as reader, it helps if enough time has passed that I have forgotten; for me as writer, it helps me keep track of posts on one quilt. The way I change titles, mere topic headings don’t cut it.

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    1. Bright yellow would be cool, but this is part of the Sherri Lynn Wood, Improv Quilting where you use only a small number of fabrics and for this challenge (the Make Do Challenge) I had to use only recycled fabrics (like clothes, etc), so this was all I had to work with 🙂


  2. The design wall looks a little somber (not in a bad way) that seems good for introspection. Please do continue to link to back posts. I sometimes enjoy reading tracking back over a story I enjoyed or might have missed. Carry on.

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    1. Thanks Martha, I mentioned in a comment below I was limited by only using recycled fabrics for this project (the Make Do Challenge) and this was all I had to work with. It is a bit somber 🙂


  3. I agree with Martha, this quilt does seem more somber (but not in a bad way) than some of the others you have made. If you are used to quilting with more vibrant colors, this might be why you are having trouble finding motivation? This quilt seems to give off a “cloudy day” vibe but there is beauty here! I am confident you will find the beauty and capture it!

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  4. I think you are making great progress on your art quilt. Keep at it…it will come together. How sad to not be able to participate in the challenge. Although, a goal for next year is a step in the right direction. I love when you add links to other posts. I have the chance to learn more about you and your style.

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  5. Sometimes inspiration to create comes at random moments. As long as we leave the door open for creativity and inspiration, it will help you get back to the old swing of things before you know it.

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