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Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hop Day 2

Continuing my two-part series on participating in the Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hop last weekend. If you are just joining us, check out Day One in this post: Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hop Day 1.

Rather than worry about leaving Mike the Miniature Schnauzer at home all day while Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) and I drove around to the remaining four (4) Central Oregon Quilt Shops, we brought Mike with us:

Mike started in the back seat but convinced me he needed to ride around in my lap

Mike started in the back seat but convinced me he needed to ride around in my lap.

We did the bulk of our driving (at least 130 miles) on Day Two of the Shop Hop and luckily my lap converted to a dog bed (with the addition of a fleece blanket in the backseat) when Mike grew tired of looking out the window!


130 miles? Yes the remaining four (4) shops spanned from La Pine, Oregon (Homestead Quilts), lunch in Sunriver, Oregon (Sunriver Brewing) to Prineville, OR (The Quilt Shack), to Redmond, OR (Material Girl Fabrics), and finally to Sisters, OR (Stitchin’ Post) and then back home. Basically it was like a tour of Central Oregon!

Homestead Quilts (La Pine, Oregon)

Homestead Quilts is actually a lovely quilt shop with a wonderful collection of fabrics, however I only go there once a year (during shop hop) as it is about 35 – 40 miles from my house.


They have some lines of fabrics that the other Central Oregon quilt shops do not have (or not as wide a selection of that line) such as Northcott’s Stonehenge fabric line:


This is the same line I used for this quilt Cozy Cobblestones (which was quilted by one of my blogging buddies, Cindy @inastitchquilting.com):


I had a little bit of a beautiful Stonehenge blue that I wanted to use in the piece but not enough to repeat the fabric in more than one block so I did not use it. If only I had thought to check out Homestead Quilts to pick up some more!

Sunriver Brewing (Sunriver, Oregon)

We needed to “fuel up” our shopping engines to make it to three more quilt shops so we stopped at Sunriver Brewing in Sunriver, Oregon on our way to our next quilt shop.


I had a healthy delicious lunch of one of the best chef salads I’ve ever tasted:


While TTQH had a delicious but very naughty lunch!


Then it was onto The Quilt Shack in Prineville, Oregon.

The Quilt Shack (Prineville, OR)

The Quilt Shack is another Central Oregon quilt shop I rarely visit except during shop hop.


As you can tell from several of the photos, it was a cloudy/overcast day for Day Two of Shop Hop. The end of April in Central Oregon can be hit or miss: we’ve done Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hops when it was 80 degrees and like a beautiful summer day; and we’ve done shop hop when it was cold and raining, etc.

The Quilt Shack specializes in novelty fabrics and if you are looking for special cowboy themed fabric, fishing themed fabric,  or the perfect fabric with farm animals, etc. – they have it:

Next we took the 26+ mile drive from Prineville to Redmond, Oregon.

Material Girl Fabrics (Redmond, Oregon)

Material Girl Fabrics in Redmond is in an old house and the owner and her son who own the shop also live upstairs in the house. It is a very sweet shop and you feel like you are wandering around a house (because you ARE wandering downstairs in someone’s house!):


TTQH searched for dog themed fabric at this quilt shop like he does at every quilt shop:


Interestingly TTQH did not buy any fabric this year at shop hop, it was not like last year where he seemed to be “buying out” every shop we went to (see post Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hop 2017).

Our Shop Hop passports were nearly filled as we headed to our last quilt shop of seven (7) – the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Oregon:


Stitchin’ Post (Sisters, Oregon)

We were flooded with relief when we arrived at the Stitchin’ Post as it had been a long day of driving and shop hopping and we were ready to be done.


After turning in our Shop Hop passports we wandered around the quilt shop (which also has a lovely yarn shop) a bit before heading home.


Mike outside the shop waiting to head home:


The Haul

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, each quilt shop on the Shop Hop provided a block pattern for a mystery quilt. When you completed your Shop Hop passport after visiting all seven (7) shops then you got the final layout pattern and instructions:


Each quilt shop also gave out a free fat 1/8th quarter of batik fabric. Below are my seven 1/8th quarters and TTQH’s (which he gave to me) – we made sure not to select the same colors:


I usually try to support as many shops as possible by buying a little fabric at each shop during Shop Hop, but this year there was only two shops that I found fabric I had to have – Homestead Quilts and the Stitchin’ Post (and of course the scrap bag I found at QuiltWorks on Day One of the Shop Hop – see previous post for image):


Thanks for joining us on Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hop 2018!

29 thoughts on “Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hop Day 2”

  1. What a great pattern to put those free batiks to good use! Your salad looks amazing and let’s just be honest, what food group doesn’t taste better with bacon?? Fess up, you stole a french fry or two…How sweet of Mike to agree to the road trip, he looks like a happy boy after this quilting adventure.

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    1. Isn’t bacon a food group? I did notice that the restaurant was really into their special pepper bacon as a garnish for everything – ha! I did not steal a french fry, I was good – seriously trying to make good nutritional decisions these days (at least for a month or so – ha!) 🙂


  2. Great shop hop pictures. I’m not much of a shopper, so I will have to admit to favorites–Mike’s nap in lap and in front of a store. haha. Loved those Stonehenge fabrics, and your fat eighths selections were really neat. I also enjoyed thinking of the pleasure of a road trip with husband and pet. Reminded me of some fun days!

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    1. Thanks and it was quite fun. I mean it definitely was not a necessary experience and we used a lot of gas (and time) doing it but it was a way to remind myself of all the awesome quilt shops in the area 🙂


  3. So much fun! Thank you for allowing me to work with that quilt. It was beautiful even before I touched it! Looks like all three of you had a wonderful time. Yummy food, great company, awesome fabric! Woohoo! 😊

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    1. I get to look at some Cindy Anderson work everyday when I sit in my living room, I will of course send you something in the future to quilt. We did have a wonderful time! 🙂

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  4. What a fun round-up! I love the variety of stores you have in your area… Well, I say “your area”! A 130-mile round trip to visit them all means that at least a few of them aren’t exactly local! 😆 The Quilt Shack and Material Girl look especially cool, and THAT LUNCH! It’s all I can do to stop myself booking a flight right now for next year’s hop. Oh, and have fun with your free pattern – that’s a great design!

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    1. Oh so there is no good food in Ireland? That is a ways to travel for lunch – ha! But you can come shop hop with me anytime (and in the future I can bring along my tierneycreates Beastie for shop hopping!) Thanks for your comments they made me smile 🙂


      1. Aaaah, our food is oookaaay… But you know the grass is always greener on the other side! 😀 Besides, our climate means that we do stodgy comfort food better than salads. But thanks for the shop hop invite… Be careful, I might take you up on it someday! Will the stores allow Beasties inside, do you think? 🤔

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  5. Looks like another great adventure. 🙂 I like that a place like Material Girl Fabric exists (i.e. a fabric shop right below someone’s house). I like the idea of being so close to that many supplies! The stamps on the passport are cute, too, and what a cool pattern for the mystery quilt! Looking at all of this fabric has gotten me into a sewing mood! Bravo to you guys for making the trip and trek around the area. 🙂

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  6. Wow, lunch looked great — for BOTH of you! Also what pretty fabric samples you got. Love the colors.

    We have shop hop in Iowa, of course. I think it is in June. I’ve never participated but some people love to do it.

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