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Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hop Day 1

Last weekend over the course of two days, Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH), Mike the Miniature Schnauzer and I attended the Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hop.


We made it to all seven (7) Central Oregon Quilt Shops over a two day period which involved driving around 150+ miles:

Thought I would share a sort of “photo essay” of the two-day shop hop in a series of two posts.

Day One of the Central Oregon Shop Hop was completed after work on Friday 04/27/18 and included the three Bend, Oregon shops: QuiltWorksSew Many Quilts and Bernina Center, and BJ’s Quilt Basket

Sew Many Quilts and Bernina Center (Bend, Oregon)

Our Shop Hop began at Sew Many Quilts and Bernina Center.


Each shop gave out a free fat 1/8th quarter (18″ x 11″) of coordinating batik fabric and a free block pattern for the Central Oregon Shop Hop Mystery Quilt. You get your Shop Hop Passport card stamped at each shop and if you completely fill it out, visiting all seven (7) shops, you can enter to win several prizes including a new Bernina sewing machine!


Later in this post I will share my Shop Hop Passport stamps and my haul of free fat 1/8th quarters from day one (see section “The Haul“).

Sew Many Quilts and Bernina Center is where I bought my Bernina sewing machine many years ago and my breath always catches a bit when I walk into their shop and see all the dream Berninas:


They appeared to be embracing as many holidays as possible, and here are a sampling of their displays which covered: Easter, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween!


All the shops offered a delicious smorgasbord of snacks and treats for the shoppers. Here is an example from Sew Many Quilts and Bernina Center:


In addition to the big prize drawing for those who completed their Shop Hop passports, each shop had their own individual drawing for shop gift certifications, etc:


QuiltWorks (Bend, Oregon)

Next stop on Shop Hop was at QuiltWorks, where the lovely owner Marilyn Forestell greeted shop hoppers and stamped their cards.


They also had delicious food including a huge chocolate birthday cake to celebrate the shop’s anniversary and the owner’s birthday (I forgot to take photos of the other shops’ snacks).

Here are photos from around the shop:


They even have a Quilt Shop Dog (looks like a schnauzer mix to me!):

I wonder if they intentionally coordinated the quilt shop’s carpet with the dog?

This is where my naughtiness started – they had a section I could not refuse (see the section “The Haul” for what I purchased…you know just to be polite to the shop, ha!):


They also had a very timely display on the book Pillow Pop: 25 Quick-Sew Projects to Brighten Your Space Paperback by Heather Bostic. A couple weeks ago I decided to attack my pile of 2.5″ x 2.5″ scrap squares and enlist TTQH to help me make a huge pile of Half-Square Triangles (HSTs) to make several of the pillows in this book (future post). 


Seeing several pillow patterns from the book displayed really inspired me to (eventually) continue working on the pillows (not sure though if TTQH is still speaking to me after trimming all those HSTs…)

BJ’s Quilt Basket (Bend, Oregon)

Our third and final stop for day one was BJ’s Quilt Basket. BJ’s hold a special place in my heart as it was the start of meeting many of my other Quilting Sisters besides Judy who got m into quilting (see post Quilting Sisters, Part I).


Here are images from around BJ’s Quilt Basket:


The Haul

First, here are the stamps on my Shop Hop passport for Day One:


Only 4 more to go!

Here is my haul of free 1/8th fat quarters – six (6) fat 1/8th quarters (TTQH gave me his of course!) from Day One:


Here is an example of the free block pattern given at each shop. You have to go to all seven (7) shops to get the final layout/instructions for the mystery quilt; but if you do not get to all the shops each pattern also has instructions on turning the block pattern into a table runner.


And finally, here was the scrap bag I bought from QuiltWorks. It had several yards of large samples of fabrics!


Thanks for joining me on Day One! Next post is Day Two of course 🙂


32 thoughts on “Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hop Day 1”

  1. This looks like so much fun! Quilts, fabric, Berninas, mystery blocks, TTQH, Mike, other dogs, food…..heaven on earth for you! Our Ohio shops are gearing up for a few hops over the summer, I can’t wait! Maybe there will be one in progress in August when you are here…what an outing we could have!

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    1. Oh my goodness – let me know if that is happening, I will build in extra time in my trip to go shop hopping with you in OH! That would be so extremely awesome 🙂


    1. I did have a great time! Oh yes the other post from last year – with the Pug Purse – you know she did actually regret many months later not getting it. She realized in retrospect what a great conversation piece it would have been!

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  2. Fun trip! We have one quilt shop in our town, one about 40 miles south, another about 40 more miles further. Then one about 90 miles north…….and of course, going with friends is half the fun.

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    1. Oh that is quite the distance between shops! I did not realize how lucky we were in Central Oregon – seems like a lot less shops than when I lived in Seattle. Actually when I lived in Seattle you had to visit 16 shops in order to be entered into the big Shop Hop drawing (I think I only managed that one year). Thanks for your comments 🙂


  3. Wonderful pictures, Tierney! It looks like there was a lot of beautiful fabric to be had (and free fat quarters is such a treat). I think they might have intentionally coordinated the carpet with the dog – how clever to notice that, lol! Our version, in Chicago, is the ‘yarn crawl’ that happens every year (though I only made it to a couple of the shops). I salute your and TTQH’s Shop Hop endurance!

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  4. Oh me. Seven quilt shops in one hop (even if it is 150 miles). From my corner of the world it would be a dream. Thanks for sharing the photographs.
    P.S. Congratulations on your old lady Singer. I am sure she will give you much pleasure

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  5. OMG — that shop hop looks heavenly and sew much fun! Being a quilting newbie I am learning so much from you and other bloggers! Thanks for sharing your shop visits :). The batiks are beautiful! Looking forward to your next post!

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    1. Well welcome to the world of quilting and our blogging family – there are so many wonderful fellow crafter bloggers out there and I have learned so much being in this online community. Thanks for your comments 🙂

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  6. *Gasp* Look at all this! Although I’m mostly a knitter, I will admit to being a bit of a fabric magpie, and all those beautiful colours and patterns had my mouth watering. This looks like such a fun day/weekend out… I’m off to read part 2 now! 😀

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    1. You’ll see in part two, when I got to the Stitchin’ Post I snuck in a yarn photo for the knitters 🙂
      Textiles, textiles, textiles – we just love them all – yarn, fabric, etc.!


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