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As a follow up to my previous post Morning Walk in Black and White, where I mentioned that I am now living in a house and have a new quilting studio, in this post I am sharing photos of my new studio.

When I moved into my new housing situation earlier this summer, the first thing my new roommate did was build a design wall in the back bedroom he offered to me as my studio:

2019-06-24_16-57-15_034.jpegOne of his hobbies is wood working and he also offered to build me a center cutting table. I said “let me use what I brought with me for now (fold up tables) and see how the rooms develops”.

The rest of this post is a photo tour of my new studio. You may notice the strong turquoise like color on the wall. The room came with that color and since someday my roommate is thinking of selling his home and us possibly moving to a new home together, I declined his offer to paint the room a neutral color at this time.

To embrace the turquoise color for now, I hung my Tula Pink All Stars fabric quilt (which has a LOT of turquoise and aqua in it) on the wall as you will see in the images below. If you are new to this blog, the saga of its quilt is in this series of posts – Tula Time!. By the way – my friends Judy and Dana have also finished their Tula Pink quilts and I will share images in a future post. 

So here is the photo tour of my “temporary” new studio. If we end up moving to a new home together someday, I am going to design my new studio to be my dream studio this time (if I learned anything from the tragic and sudden loss of my husband in 2018, it is that life is short and you need to live your dreams, do not wait!). Since my roommate, who I should actually start referring to as “my partner”, loves to build things, I plan to take full advantage of his skills for my dream studio design!


As you can see in several of the photos above, I repurposed an old armoire into crafting and fat quarter storage. I also repurposed an old card table found in the basement’s storage room into a center table.

That table also serves as a Mike the Miniature Schnauzer nesting space!


You might also remember in the photos above (but I am posting it below also), a short long black bookcase looking thing. This was an old CD/DVD storage bookshelf I found in my partner’s basement storage room that I repurposed to hold my favorite fat quarters (I have an obscenely large collection of fat quarters as I confessed in the post Quilt Studio Archaeology and Purge, Part III (re-post))



In my preceding photos, you might have noticed a work in progress on the design wall. I will discuss it in a future post as I continue my series of posts What’s on the Design Wall.

Here is an additional photo I took during my photo shoot for this post of some of the recycled home decor fabrics I am considering for this piece (actually a series of pieces):


If you’ve been following my blog for a long time and have a scary supernatural level of memory, you might remember these pieces from this post – What’s Simmering on the Design Wall.

49 thoughts on “New Studio”

  1. Awwww, TIerney, I LOVE seeing you surrounded by all that color and inspiration! And you have so much to share with the world, it is wonderful that somebody wants to build you tables and design walls and the perfect paint studio. Several posts ago I wanted to comment “this guy is a keeper” but didn’t want to assume anything or butt in. Reading and seeing these pictures makes me so happy.

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  2. You know what Tierney? I LOVE the turquoise, and I’m not one who is terribly adventurous with wall colors! I think it is perfect for stimulating creativity. You are so lucky to have a partner who supports that creativity, and oh yeah, who can build stuff too… ; >)

    To your point “…life is short and you need to live your dreams, do not wait!” that is so true. I also lost family members in 2018 to terrible circumstances (separate from each other), although none of them was a spouse. And I also decided no more waiting around to fulfill dreams. So I bought a longarm and frame, which I have been thinking about doing for years. No more ‘someday’. Someday is now. And there are quilts to be finished!

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  3. Love it🌹♥️ I am in awe of your fat
    quarter collection. Great space for a creative mind 😊👍🏾


  4. The turquoise could be overwhelming if the walls were left blank, but they look good with your beautiful quilts hung on them. Your studio is so organised and tidy. Will it stay that way, or are you a messy creator like me?! I am so pleased you have found a place to settle into.

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  5. Isn’t it nice to have a dedicated creative space? You and Mike can just leave the room, close the door and come back when you’re ready to get started. Thanks for the tour…”she who has the most fabric wins”…you might be a winner!

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  6. I was behind in reading your blog posts. I am so happy to see this post and the last. Gorgeous studio. I love turquoise walls and wish I had one!

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  7. Whew! I thought you might have been brutal in your fabric purging when you left Oregon. But no! Your kept a great working stash? Way to go. I’m laughing that you are repurposing a CD stand. I just emptied one as we prep & purge for a local move. I kept the stand cuz I see a yet-to-be-determined purpose for it….and probably in my studio. And PARTNER! How wonderful!

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  8. What a lovely, warm, bright, inspiring studio. Thanks for sharing photographs of your new space. I am so pleased to hear your cheerful voice again. confession: I am deeply envious of your fat quarter collection 😀

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  9. I’m glad to see that your creativity has found another beautiful space to work in! I am just catching up on WP things, and am delighted to see the new space – I really like the wall colour, it complements the vitality of your quilts so well. 🙂

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  10. Tierney it is so good to see your new space. Where did you store all that yummy fabric in the apartment. Glad to hear there is a new partner for you. Each day is a new one and we need to make the most of each one.

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  11. Wow, love your new quilting studio!!! I love that you will create your “dream” quilting room in the future. I agree, life is too short!!! Do what brings you joy, make your dreams come true. Also, I love that your partner has wood making talents!!! They are always welcome in a quilters room….

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    1. Thank you so much I’m feel like I’m pretty lucky too. I still take one day at a time but it’s nice to have someone to take one day at a time with who understands the journey of widow(er)hood.


  12. Ohhh, there’s so much to love in this post! I’m always down for a studio tour, and your new space is awesome! Can I put in a “yay” vote for the turquoise wall, too? Maybe it’s different in real life, but it looks really cool in the photos. Also, it’s great to hear about the new guy in your life – hopefully happy times are ahead of you both 😊

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  13. Wonderful. I love how your studio organically came together. It looks homey. I haven’t been up to date with your blog lately, but im happy to see you’ve found your place again 😊


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