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Ugly Sunflower Fabric Challenge

IMG_1448I love sunflowers and years ago (maybe 10) I bought some sunflower fabric I found on sale. I never used this fabric and it ended up in the back of my stash, forgotten.

A couple of months ago I was purging the fabric that I no longer loved to donate to a charity thrift store (see blog post The Fabric Purge!) and came across the sunflower fabric again. I do not have a photo of the original fabric, but 10 years later, looking at it I thought “what was I thinking?!?!?”

It was…well…quite ugly fabric. Little sunflower images with a very cheesy looking patterns and other images surrounding the sunflowers. No wonder it had been on sale 10 years ago!

A quilter friend of mine suggested a Challenge: Don’t get rid of the fabric – cut out the sunflowers and use them as centers in a log cabin style quilt. She offered to give me some coordinating fabric that she was purging from her stash!

I took on the challenge and made the quilt! I just gave to my long-arm quilter the 88″ x 66″ quilt top made with just the sunflower sections of the ugly fabric and coordinating fabric from a friend’s stash!  I set the 9.5″ by 9.5″ inch blocks in a Moda paper bag colored fabric. I cannot wait to see what it looks like quilted!

6 thoughts on “Ugly Sunflower Fabric Challenge”

  1. I’ve been in guilds that had Ugly Fabric challenges: We’d put the ugly fabric in a bag and exchange, and then make something with it on the front. First funny thing–some of the recipients didn’t think the fabric ugly. Second funny thing. There were no ugly quilts. I like your friend’s challenge to you and the results.

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    1. Ooooh – to get someone else’s ugly fabric – now that would be a challenge! But as you mention, there were no ugly quilts that came out of that challenge you did!


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